8. August 2012

Move of the DAMAR & HAGEN Stecksysteme GmbH

Since 1st July 2012, DAMAR & HAGEN Stecksysteme GmbH has been located in the Upper Franconian town of Forchheim (Germany).

At the beginning of 2012, it was decided after careful consideration that we should take this step which involved a great deal of time and effort.

Within just a few weeks, this decision had been implemented and the entire company moved from Erlangen to Forchheim as the previous premises had become unsuitable for a modern industrial operation. Suitable haulage firms had to be contracted to transport the heavy automatic lathes and other machinery. The dedicated Damar & Hagen employees also lent a huge helping hand. Thanks to effective planning and excellent collaboration with all those involved, the move was completed successfully and on time.

The new industrial building boasts modern and excellent facilities as well as sufficient space for the future. The location of the new site in the Forchheim business park next to the A73 motorway means the company can be reached quickly and easily by customers, suppliers and employees.

Forchheim, 8th August 2012