Cable Shear

clean and smooth cut by one-hand operation
without crushing or deformation of the cable

Part-No. 90-1353-2610-1
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length 170 mm, weight 240 g


Product Name: 

Cable Shear

Cable Type: 

0.5/3.0D/5.6 Doppelschirmkabel, 0.3/1.95D/3.7 Two braids cable, 0.36L/1.5/2.8, 0.3L/1.85/3, 0.4/1.85/3, 0.4/2.5D/4.8 Draka Two braids cable, 0.4/2.6/4.0, 0.4/2/3.6, 0.41/1.9AF/3.1 Draka, 0.45/1.95 AF/3.4, 0.45/2/3.6, 0.5/2.3/3.9, 0.54L/2.2/3.5, 0.54L/2.3/3.1 Leoni, 0.58/2.6(2AF)D/4.7 Two braids cable, 0.58/2.6AF/4.0 Draka, 0.5L/2.6/3.9, 0.6/1.2/2, 0.6/2.8/5, 0.6/2.8AF Draka, 0.6/2.8AF HD PRO, 0.6/3.7 Draka, 0.6/3.7/6.7 Sony, 0.6/3.7/6.8, 0.6/3.7D/8.6 Siemens Two braids cable, 0.6/4.0/8 (93Ω), 0.64L/2.8/3.9 Raychem, 0.6L/3.7D/7 Two braids cable, 0.7/4.5/6.7 Pope, 0.75L/3.2/4.5 Perivox, 0.75L/3.2/6.0 Perivox, 0.75L/3.2AF/4.4 Leoni, 0.75L/3.2AF/4.8, 0.78L/4.9/7.6 Canare, 0.7L/4.3/6.4, 0.8/3.7/6, 0.8/3.7AF Draka, 0.8/3.7AF/7.3, 0.8/4.9D Two braids cable, 0.8L/3.7D Two braids cable, 0.95/4.8/7 Belden, 1.0/4.8/7 Belden, 1.0/4.8AF Draka, 1.0/4.8AF/8.6, 1.0/6.6, 1.0/6.6D/10.1 Two braids cable, 1.0L/2.95/4.1, 1.0L/4.8D Draka Two braids cable, 1.13/4.8/6.6 (Wisi MK 90), 1.13/4.8/7, 1.2L/4.8Dz/7.3 Draka Two braids cable, 1.2L/4.95AF Draka, 1.35L/3.6AF Draka, 1.4/6.6AF Draka, 1.4/6.6AF/10.4, 1.45L/6.3D/9.3 Siemens Two braids cable, 1.4L/3.7/5.5 Alcatel, 1.6/7.2/10, 1.6/7.3AF Draka, 1.6/7.5/10.4, 1.7L/4.9CuF/7.3, 1.9/6.9CuF/10.4, 1406B Belden, 1505A Belden, 1505ANH Belden, 1505F Belden, 1520A Belden, 1521A Belden, 1522A Belden, 1694A Belden, 1694ANH Belden, 1694F Belden, 1794A Belden, 1855A Belden, 1855ENH Belden, 1865A Belden, 2-pole shielded Audio-Cable, 2.7/7.3AF, 3.06/7.5CuF/10.5, 43187 Belden Two braids cable, 4505R Belden, 46067 Belden, 46899 Belden, 4694F Belden, 4694R Belden, 4731R Belden, 4794R Belden, 4855R Belden, 70078CH Belden, 70080CH Belden, 7710A Belden, 7711A Belden, 7712A Belden, 7713A Belden, 7731A Belden, 7731ANH Belden, 7796A Belden, 8213 Belden, 8238 Belden, 8241 Belden Two braids cable, 8281 Belden Two braids cable, 9244 Belden, 9248 Belden, 9259 Belden, 9265 Belden, Aircell 5, Aircell 7, Bedea Superflex 11 TPE, Bedea Superflex 14 TPE, Bedea Superflex 8 TPE, Bedea Triax 11 PUR, Bedea Triax 14 PUR, Bedea Triax 8 PUR, Belden Triax 11 Belflex®, Belden Triax 8 Belflex®, Draka Patch PRO Flex, Draka SMPTE 311M, Draka Triax 11 FRNC, Draka Triax 11 PUR (1.4s/6.5), Draka Triax 11 PUR (1.75s/7.5s), Draka Triax 11 PVC (1.4s/6.5s), Draka Triax 11/1 PUR, Draka Triax 14 FRNC, Draka Triax 14 PUR, Draka Triax 14 PVC, Draka Triax 8 FRNC, Draka Triax 8 PUR, Draka Triax 8 PVC, Draka Triax 8/2 PUR, Draka Triflex 11 PUR, Draka Triflex 11 PVC, Draka Triflex 8 PUR, Draka Triflex 8 PVC, Draka Triflex 8/1 DMC, Draka Triflex 9 PUR, Fujikura Triax PUR, H1001 Belden, H2000 Flex, Highflexx 7, LCD 99, LMR-400, MRG 5900 Belden, Multipolar 6.5 mm, Multipolar 8.0 mm, Perivox/ Leoni Triax 11 PUR, Perivox/ Leoni Triax 14 PUR, Perivox/ Leoni Triax 5 PUR, Perivox/ Leoni Triax 8 PUR (1.0L/4.5), Perivox/ Leoni Triax 8 PUR (1.0s/4.5s), RG-115A, RG-11A, RG-122, RG-133, RG-13A, RG-140, RG-141, RG-142, RG-144, RG-149, RG-161, RG-165, RG-174, RG-178A, RG-178B, RG-179A, RG-179B, RG-179DT Belden, RG-180, RG-187A, RG-188A, RG-195, RG-196A, RG-210, RG-213, RG-214, RG-216, RG-223, RG-225, RG-302, RG-303, RG-304, RG-316, RG-55, RG-58, RG-59, RG-62, RG-63B, RG-6A, RG-6A with Ø 8.7, RG-71, RG-8A, RG-9B, Sommer Cable 600-0144, Sommer Cable 600-0161, Sommer Cable 600-0174, Sommer Cable 600-0214 Two braids cable, Sommer Cable 600-0224 Two braids cable, Sommer Cable 600-0854, UC900 PiMF SS 27 Draka, ULTRA HD PRO 100 UHD Draka, ULTRA HD PRO 50 UHD Draka, VD042LT Klotz

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